Organic Farming

Agro-Ecological Learning Laboratory

The prairieland ecosystem of the Northern Great Plains is ripe with biodiversity. This is a vastly under studied ecosystem which strikes a delicate balance between fragility and resilience. Farmers in this region are on the front lines of Global Climate Change. We must find practices that benefit both farmland and ecosystem.

Our Agro-Ecological Learning Laboratory supports research opportunities for those who are interested in gaining and sharing information about the ecological intersections and ecosystems of the Northern Great Plains. Observe the landscape, conduct studies, learn from farms on the Northern Great Plains, and the biodiversity that surrounds us. Follow the data and discover processes that will help mitigate human disturbances and ensure that we are working in tandem with our ecosystem. This opportunity will help support the future processes of organic farms, bring awareness to the economic challenges farmers face, and help build our library of open-source learning materials as a benefit to all.

Individuals and scientists interested in implementing case studies and farms interested in hosting scientists in residence can reach out to Anna Jones-Crabtree at [email protected] .

We’ve been practicing agriculture for approximately twelve thousand years and using poisons in great quantities for just sixty of them, so to label that ‘convention’ is a huge insult to eleven thousand nine hundred and forty years of agriculture.

— Doug Crabtree

Agro-Ecological Learning Laboratory